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Why you need to upgrade your mobile app

Posted By: Jason

Many companies feel perfectly happy with their app, it performs all the functions it needs to do, and works on most iOS and Android phones, so you can see no reason to update it. However, with new versions of the most popular operating systems now out in the form of iOS 9 and Android 6 Marshmallow, and a range of new devices on the market, now may be a good time to revisit your app and see where it can be improved.

Mobile app development is always moving on, along with the devices that people use and the systems that run on them. Apple's iOS 9 introduces new touch features for different ways to interact with apps that could simplify how a customer or client uses yours. New interactions with search and the home screen can make your app and information it provides more visible to users.

If you have a particularly large app, users are more likely to delete it if they need space for something else; but Apple's new App Thinning minimises the install size of apps for any particular device. Add in improved access to Apple Watch, and greater access to contents. Also, improved graphics performance will help speed up your app, if it is a highly visual project. Overall, there are many reasons to look for an upgrade to your app.

Finally, some very old apps are starting to have issues with new devices. Some smaller businesses are abandoning their apps, which will leave their customers stranded or under the impression the company has vanished. So, while you might not be able to offer a great number of functional improvements to the app, updating it will ensure that it works on current devices and can offer more to the user, as well as continue to promote your company, brand and products. We can also make some suggestions to help make your app look and function better and remain in touch with what modern users expect.

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