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Why you should think about a Magento app for your business

Posted By: Jason

Anyone running a business in the 21st century knows the importance of having a good app. But there are all sorts of apps out there, built in a range of frameworks for a variety of platforms. The world of mobile app development can feel really overwhelming for those who aren't already mobile app developers themselves. But not all app building technology is created equal. We want to share some of the reasons that we here at Lexel feel that Magento is an ideal choice for many who are moving their online stores into the app space.

It's open source

The basic code behind Magento is available for anyone to see. That means that we can look at it and know what it's doing - meaning we can guarantee that it will be secure and there will be no hidden funny business going on behind the scenes.

It's cross platform

This means that we can help create a consistent experience for your customers, going across their devices, without investing as much as it would cost to develop similar apps from scratch for each platform. In the modern world, different customers will have different favourite ways of browsing the web and shopping for things online - surely all of these customers are customers you want? It's worth using cross-platform technology like Magento to cast your net as widely as possible.

It's proven

Magento has been around for eight years, and we've been using it to develop for some time ourselves. This gives us confidence that we can produce apps and web stores using Magento that will do the job and look beautiful at the same time. That is not to say that Magento is old hat - over the past eight years it has been constantly refined and improved. This all adds up to a polished and reliable piece of software which we can use to put together exactly what you need, and you will have peace of mind that it isn't going to fall apart unexpectedly. If you're thinking of expanding your web presence into the app world, get in touch today to see how we can use Magento to do you proud.