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Why your social media approach isn’t working

Posted By: Jason

Are you posting regularly on your social media accounts but failing to get much of an interaction? Perhaps you’ve recently noticed stagnation in your follower count or even lost some followers. Chances are that you are posting the wrong kind of content. Our in-house social media experts have put together two checklists to help. The first is what to avoid when it comes to social media posts and the second is what to include. 

What not to post on social media:

    • Too many sales pitches will see your followers start to unfollow. Social media networks are online communities. They work to build connections between people and accounts which hold value for them. If you are constantly posting pictures of your products and not a lot else then you won’t see an increase in followers. Would you rather follow a clothing brand which posts pictures as if their account is an online catalog or see the same clothing brand but behind the scenes, learn more about their brand, their employees and what kind of things they stand for. The latter is what you’ll find on thriving social media accounts, so leave the hard sales for your website.


    • Low quality pictures are not favoured by Instagram or its users. If your photo and video quality isn’t up to scratch then you risk being viewed as unprofessional. Try wherever possible to only put up content with a high enough resolution to not have pixels. You can use the ‘sharpen’ tool on Instagram to take away some blurring. It’s worth playing around with your images to make sure they fit in with the rest of your feed and reflect your brand before you post them. Aesthetics mean a lot when it comes to social media.


    • Posting during times where your target audience aren’t active will not drive an increase in your online following. Simple Google searches will help you identify when your followers and potential followers and most likely to be online. Posting during those times will heighten your visibility on their feeds and encourage engagement. If you post when they’re asleep or at work, by the time they do check their social media accounts, you content will have been bogged down below your competitors who have posted more recently. To avoid this, find out your key posting times and think about using a social media post scheduler to ensure you don’t miss the prime times.


What to post on social media:


  • As a leading Social Media Agency in Brighton, our years of experience have always shown that daily interactions online prove to be most successful in growing a following. Social media users want to know that the account they see are genuine and a clear demonstration of dedication to their brand is to keep up-to-date with their followers’ interactions. This means replying to comments, putting up regular content and reaching out to their followers by following back. None of these tasks are hard, they just require a small amount of time every day. If you can’t manage to find a daily slot for your social media then do schedule your posts to ensure you make the most out of the time you do have and keep up with your online presence then try to reply to your followers whenever you can.


  • Content which brings people a benefit will help see your account’s popularity rise. As we’ve already established, social media is not the place for sales pitches but a more personal approach is always welcome. Why not share a bit about what goes on in your daily life or your current trials and tribulations? People love to see something motivational, inspirational or emotive in another way. Ask yourself what you like to see most on social media and go from there. If you’re still stuck then don’t underestimate the usefulness of asking your target audience what they are drawn to follow online. This simple form of market research can improve your social media strategy no end.


  • User Generated Content (UGC) is widely appreciated online. Asking your followers to share content with you which you repost on your account is beneficial for everyone involved. Your viewers will get to see more about your brand and its followers, the people whose content you share will feel appreciated and you will ultimately benefit from free pictures and videos which help grow your business’s online following. A simple way of going about getting this kind of content is sharing a post which says ‘Share a picture of you with our (whatever it is you sell) for a shoutout on our page! We love to see our customers happy’. Free, fun and valuable.

We hope these dos and don'ts help you with your social media posts. Get in contact if you’re looking for more support in this field. Our experts are always happy to chat. Why not see what we can do for you?