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Widgets in iOS 8 can improve your app’s utility and profile

Posted By: Jason

While your app needs to have some basic core functionality that relates to your business, users will see more value from it if it can offer something extra. At a basic level, that can be from social media sharing to encourage more interaction, or payments to enable then and there purchasing. But with iOS 8 adding widgets, your app can suddenly do quite a bit more, thanks to your mobile app development team.

Naturally, don't take this too far, or your app will become cluttered and its purpose unclear. But, if you can find two or three extra useful and relevant functions for your app, that can be stylishly integrated, then it creates more opportunities for users to work with your app and therefore increase their awareness of your business.

iOS 8 widgets create the ability for your app to appear in Notifications, which is increasingly the users' go-to place for information. That makes it handy if you have regular updates, offers or time sensitive information from your business to share with customers or users. Since notification information is easier to access then opening an app, your widget can provide common information that is useful to your users, so weather for outdoors-types, travel information, currency converters and timezones for business-focused apps and so on.

If you have a store or chain of outlets, then the location-based notifications system can be used to alert users to offers, deals and other information. When they're in an area nearby, the alert notification changes and can launch your app.

Consider all these benefits when it comes to building or upgrading your app. With over 52% of Apple iPhone and iPad users now moving on to iOS 8, its new features will become more attractive, and customers that see your app taking advantage of them will see your business as one keeping up with the times. Recent updates are making it a little easier for older iPhone users to upgrade, but with Christmas coming, expect a massive spike in Apple users, and they'll all be looking to get the best from their apps in the New Year, so ensure yours offers the latest and most useful features.