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Yahoo launches new mobile app developer suite

Posted By: Jason

In continuation of what looks to be Yahoo’s return to being a major online player, the company announced at their first ever mobile developer conference that they are launching a new mobile development suite. The suite combines Flurry Analytics, which the company purchased last year, and its own in-house Yahoo App Publishing platform, and is a continuation of the company’s drive to maximise monetisation.

The move is designed to welcome independent developers into the Yahoo family and to give them the tools to build innovative apps themselves, rather than just relying on Yahoo company staff. At present Flurry has around 200,000 users who have created no fewer than 630,000 apps between them; something that Yahoo is hoping to expand upon considerably over the coming months.

Yahoo is looking to make the most of its mobile traffic levels ,with around 575 million monthly visitors heading to its mobile properties, and to build on the $1.2 billion of revenue that it provided during 2014.

The tools contained within the new suite have been designed with ease of use in mind, to make them as attractive to prospective users as possible. For example, the suite has the built-in capability to allow mobile app developers to share their secure app data with their partners, without the need to incorporate further code to be able to do so.

As well as making the tools easier to use, this has the added bonus of reducing the overall size of the finished app and also increasing its stability.

The Yahoo Publishing element of the launch is intended to offer mobile app developers a better way to monetise the apps that they create. This works by allowing mobile app developers to integrate both Yahoo’s Gemini ads and also adverts from BrightRoll, the start-up that Yahoo bought last year, directly into their apps. The major selling point of Gemini is that, no matter what the app looks like, it can alter the integrated ads to fit within the available dimensions and colour schemes, making for near seamless integration.

The mobile app development landscape is constantly changing, but only a few out there would claim to have foreseen that it would be Yahoo that would get such a good handle on mobile. It certainly promises to be an interesting few months watching how all of this develops.