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Updated April 19, 2019

Lexel is an SEO Agency based in London and we’re committed to helping our customers improve their online presence and digital marketing strategy, through the primary medium of a little thing known as search engine optimisation (SEO).

For SMEs and multinationals alike, SEO is a vital marketing tactic. Its focus is to increase internet visibility through organic search engine results. Encompassing a miasma of elements, both technical and creative, it is intended to improve rankings, drive traffic and let more people know about your business.


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There are a multitude of different elements to any successful SEO strategy, and not all of them are geared solely towards creating an engine-friendly website. Most of them will make your web presence more interesting and engaging for your customers too.

Here at Lexel, it is our firm belief that these two aims should always be achieved in tandem. That's why we are an award winning SEO Agency.

You might be wondering why improving your search engine rankings is a tactic worth investing in.

It’s all down to web traffic and where it comes from. Most visitors to your site will be sent there through a portal such as Google, Bing or Yahoo!, and as anyone who has ever used the internet knows, people rarely scroll beyond the first page.

This means one very simple thing: you need to make sure that your website is featuring where the majority of your online customers are looking – the initial screen of results. That’s where we come in. It’s our job to make sure that when users type a relevant query into the search box, it’s your business that they’ll be led to.

A lot of people have only a very limited understanding of SEO Companies in London, so they wonder whether it’s actually as essential as people like us are telling you. It really is.

The publicity, revenue and exposure that can be generated through a successful strategy may be the difference between making and breaking your brand.


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