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Mobile Application Services

Our apps are constructed by experts with only your business and your target audience in mind. The mobile applications we build have a reputation for winning awards which is why we can confidently say that they are superior. At any stage of development, we can make your mobile app a huge success. Working with us at Lexel will guarantee that you have an app you’re always proud of.

  • Mobile App Audits

    We pride ourselves on the high level of investigation and analysis we do before we get to work on any project. When it comes to mobile app development, it is key to research the market, any existing technologies in use and create a plan which covers all potential outcomes. We also perform regular check to ensure that your app is inline with industry standards. At Lexel, we will work tirelessly with you to come up with a comprehensive audit which will see your mobile app development through to huge success.
  • Mobile App Design

    The beauty of a mobile app is that it is a portable and permanent representation of your brand and your products and services. We understand how important it is to have a design which fully reflects your business and does more than just perform. That’s why all of our mobile app designers take time to work with our clients to come up with a design which excels.
  • Mobile App Development

    We develop apps which function perfectly for both business owner and users. Our enterprise focused minds will ensure that your mobile app performs every function you require it to seamlessly whilst our strong dedication to design means that your users will experience the best of both worlds, outstanding functionality and beautiful composition.
  • Mobile App Hosting

    Whether you need mobile app hosting or are wanting to migrate your existing application onto a different platform, we have it covered. We work with Amazon Web Services (AWS) for full scalability. Infrastructure related issues are best left to the professionals and working with us means you can do just that, leaving you with the time you need to be able to focus the business side of your app. That’s how it should be and at Lexel, we make sure it stays that way.
  • Mobile App SEO

    Our team of in-house SEOspecialists will take your mobile app to the top of the ranks. We have a huge amount of experience so there is no taking risks when it comes to working with us. Your business, website and app will thrive if they rank well and we spend a lot of time getting that to happen. SEO can be a complex and consuming thing to get right so let us take that worry off your hands. Our track record shows that what we do works. If you want to see your mobile app’s rankings soar then get in touch.
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